Creativity &concept Cammilli

From the beginning of his history Cammilli gets inspiration from nature.
Born as an artist painter and sculptor 30 years ago Annamaria Cammilli begun to evolve her artistic Passion to jewels.  At the beginning of her creativity she was used to show her creativity in photographic Representation   of flowers. At the second stage of her artistic evolution she focused on the creation Pieces of jewels targeted on female audience with a different taste with always in common the element
And the appreciation of nature Flora land water and sky are the four natural creative elements from cammilli Maison

Concept Flowers

This Concept tells about nature by the accurate reproduction of smoothness of flower shapes.
The group of flower collections include precious creation that explains the nature in all her shapes and proportions based on Photographical reproductions.

Concept Essential

In this concept cammilli describes the land with all his shapes and movements.
The Jewels are very dynamic for a frequent use that tells about desert downs, curves of sand and rocks Mountains polished by the passing of times and winds.

Concept Vision

The movements of water are represented in all their shapes in the concept Vision.
The increasing of waves and the smooth Fluctuation of Water surfaces is where the inspiration of this concept comes from.   The collections here, are entirely dedicated to the abstract representation of fluids movements.

Concept Color Texture

In Texture Cammilli tells about the sky the gold is treated as a woven that through his rows express a Bond, a connection.  a game that involves the moon lights used the glorify the connection between the Diamonds and the pearl. This concept express the sky colors and his shades by using semiprecious Stones

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