Caroline Scheufele joined in Cannes by Livia and Colin Firth to celebrate five years of the Journey to Sustainable Luxury*

Caroline Scheufele joined in Cannes by Livia and Colin Firth to celebrate five years of the Journey to Sustainable Luxury

Caroline Scheufele joined in Cannes by Livia and Colin Firth to celebrate five years of the Journey to Sustainable Luxury


Cannes, May 23rd 2017 – Livia and Colin Firth and Caroline Scheufele, co-president of Chopard organized an event in recognition of Chopard’s commitment to sustainability and social justice.

“Since we began this process we have seen just how our clients appreciate the stories behind the jewellery they love. True luxury is understanding provenance. As a family run business, it is so important to know that the materials we use, from gold to diamonds to coloured gemstones, come from suppliers who share our same values.” Caroline Scheufele, co-president and creative director, Chopard.

Guests at the event were treated to a private viewing of this year’s iconic Palme d’or. Especially created to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival, this year’s award is crafted from ethical gold certified Fairmined** and features diamonds from RJC*** certified suppliers.

Also on display was the wonderful Garden of Kalahari. This exquisite high jewellery set comprising a necklace, earrings, rings, a bracelet and a watch is crafted from one single 342ct rough diamond of the most perfect purity, the Queen of Kalahari. Discovered in Botswana in Lucara’s Karowe mine, the Queen of Kalahari story has captured imaginations across the jewellery industry, with every step of its journey assessed by Eco-Age using the GCC Principles of Sustainable Excellence****.

The next chapter: Chopard High Perfumery Collection

The lunch celebrated new stories too. Chopard’s new High Perfumery Chopard Collection, Avant-Première, a limited edition fragrance begins the next chapter in The Journey to Sustainable Luxury, Chopard’s multi-year business sustainability strategy.

Four stunning fragrances that support and promote Chopard’s idea of luxury: a unique alliance of beauty, excellence, pleasure and ethical values.

In developing its latest high-perfumery Collection, Chopard has partnered with Firmenich to put at the heart of its fragrances, three extraordinary naturals coming from the Firmenich NATURALS TOGETHER™ worldwide program of responsible natural ingredient sourcing. This reflects Chopard’s continued investment in responsible ingredient sourcing.

Celebrating partnerships: The Chopard Green Carpet Challenge Award

Mines that have played a key role in the Green Carpet Collections were present at the events. Livia and Colin Firth, together with Caroline Scheufele, took this opportunity to honour Chopard’s strategic suppliers who all share the same social and environmental values, awarding them the Chopard GCC Award for Commitment to Sustainability and Social Justice.  The awardees are:

Lucara, Karowe mine, Botswana

Gemfields, Kagem mine, Zambia

Aurora Gems Pty Ltd, Australia

Alliance for Responsible Mining, Colombia


The Journey to Sustainable Luxury began when Chopard, with Eco-Age, forged a philanthropic relationship with the influential South American mining NGO, the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM).  The luxury jewellery and watch company became the world’s first watch and luxury jewellery company to enable mining communities to reach Fairmined gold certification as well as providing training, social welfare and environmental support.

* The Journey to Sustainable Luxury is Chopard’s commitment to a multi-year programme to achieve sustainable luxury. The goal is to improve the environment and the lives of those at the very beginning of the supply chain.

** Fairmined gold is ethical gold extracted by artisanal and small-scale miners certified under the Fairmined standard created by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM).

*** RJC Members commit to and are independently audited against the RJC Code of Practices – an international standard on responsible business practices for diamonds, gold and platinum group metals. The Code of Practices addresses human rights, labour rights, environmental impact, mining practices, product disclosure and many more important topics in the jewellery supply chain.

**** The GCC® Principles of Sustainable Excellence relate to a range of social and environmental impacts typically caused by industry and businesses.



After more than 20 years with Coty, Chopard is establishing its own fragrance house, Chopard Parfums, positioning the brand at the forefront of luxury natural perfumery, and appeal to a discerning generation in search of thoughtful, creative and inspiring luxury.

By taking full control of its perfumery activities, Chopard ensures its rigorous standards of excellence, creativity and quality can be maintained in this category, and that they are completely in line with the company’s strong ethical values.

These new scents radiate happiness and glamour, creating extraordinary perfume experiences which are mindful of our planet and people.

At Chopard Parfums, its olfactive and social philosophy are one and the same.The brand aims to follow the highest standards, and champion individuality, nature and positivity—the core values at the very heart of its fragrance universe.

“Always give our best and be kind, generous and open to others.

Be happy! It is this positivity that carries us forward.”

Caroline Scheufele

Co-president of Chopard


Chopard’s Haute Parfumerie creations represent a new chapter in Chopard’s journey towards sustainable luxury. At the core of this luxury is a philosophy that places ethics at the heart of esthetics.

Chopard Parfums is pleased to present its new Collection, showcasing three extraordinary naturals from the Firmenich NATURALS TOGETHER™ program for responsible natural ingredient sourcing.

For this project, Chopard Parfums has joined forces with highly experienced Master Perfumers Alberto Morillas and Nathalie Lorson. Both are known for exploring new ways to create natural and emotional scents.

With this collection, Chopard Parfums takes its first step in a visionary journey towards natural and responsible perfumery.

The Chopard Collection’s Unique Ingredients Story: Three responsibly sourced naturals

In its first Haute Parfumerie creations, Chopard Parfums shines the spotlight on three natural ingredients from Firmenich’s sustainable sourcing NATURALS TOGETHER ™ program.

NATURALS TOGETHER ™ is a Firmenich initiative completely in tune with Chopard’s philosophy of ethical and ecological perfumery. Firmenich’s “business for development” program, which brings together many of the world’s best natural ingredients suppliers, is shaping the future of naturals by guaranteeing the excellence and sustainability of raw materials.

Vetiver From Haiti

Haiti produces the highest quality vetiver in the world.Since 2010, Firmenich has been part of an innovative multi-stakeholder partnership that sources vetiver from the Débouchette farming community in Haiti.

Now, more than half of their Haitian Vetiver is Ecocert ESR, ensuring greater price stability for the cooperative.
In a program that impacts 27,000 families, Firmenich’s commitment to the Débouchette community focuses on women and children, and public health. In 2013, Firmenich also helped build a school for the community, and has recently upgraded it with computers.

Vanilla From Madagascar

Madagascar is the premiere producer of the finest quality Bourbon vanilla in the world. Since 2007, Firmenich has been developing sustainability initiatives in vanilla production with its local supplier, helping the farmers’ cooperative develop organic vanilla and attain Rainforest Alliance certification, while at the same time improving vanilla yield and quality. Its community efforts extend to building clean water wells in vanilla-producing villages, opening a medical dispensary, a preschool and more classrooms, and establishing tree nurseries to encourage crop diversification and reforestation.

Cardamom From Guatemala

Firmenich has created a partnership in Guatemala with a network of cardamom planters. Beginning three years ago, these planters were able to extend their operation into distilling cardamom essential oil, using equipment provided by Firmenich. Working directly with farmers allows Firmenich to pay them higher prices and guarantee their income in return for a secure, high-quality supply of cardamom essential oil exclusively for Firmenich and its customers.


Nathalie Lorson Creates: 
Magnolia au Vetiver d’Haiti; Vanille de Madagascar; Neroli à la Cardamome du Guatemala

A pioneering woman in the field of perfumery, Nathalie Lorson works for others and with others. For her, creation depends on an expressive exchange of ideas and emotions. Her creations can be compared with pieces of a puzzle: each piece connects to another and adds its part to the whole. She builds by finding harmonies through contrast and interaction, until everything falls into place.

A prolific perfumer, the Grasse native is the nose behind some of the most iconic fragrances of our day, yet she remains humble and restless, ever pushed towards new horizons by her inquisitive, generous and imaginative spirit. She has received many prizes for her work, including Perfumer of the Year in Italy and France in 2015, yet her real reward comes when she passes a woman on the street who is wearing a fragrance she has created, and who has made it part of her life and her intimate world. “I don’t do this metier for myself. My goal is to reach out to people.”

“For the Chopard Collection, I focused on shaping outstanding precious stones and highlighting their colorful facets. The extraordinary timepieces from the Chopard high jewelry collections inspired me to use only the most exquisite ingredients: responsibly sourced vetiver from Haiti, vanilla from Madagascar, and cardamom from Guatemala are emblematic of high jewelry values, and merge esthetics with ethics, a testament to Chopard’s commitment to excellence and passion. The Chopard Collection transforms nature’s treasures into meaningful luxury.”

Alberto Morillas Creates Vetiver d’Haiti au Thé Vert

After decades of unwavering passion for the art of perfumery, Alberto Morillas’ ideas continue to stand out. It’s no surprise then that he is the first perfumer to receive the Fragrance Foundation’s esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award.

Much of his inspiration comes from being surrounded by his favorite ingredients. Alberto grew up in Seville, Spain, and medlar trees, clean laundry, jasmine and the unforgettable smell of the Atlantic were the scents that defined his childhood. Andalusia will always have his heart, yet equally important is his life-long partnership with research and development chemists in Geneva, and his encyclopedic knowledge of perfume history. These allow him to fuse innovative natural techniques with breakthrough synthetic molecules, many of which he helped to patent, to create true works of art.

“The extraordinary Chopard universe drew me into the enchanted world of natural gems. Like perfumers, jewelers are looking for the most precious elements nature offers. They trace the best quality ingredients to responsible sources that bring to life the creation of their imagination. I work in much the same way as a jewelry craftsman does, selecting his stones, and observing them carefully before cutting them to reveal their most dazzling light.”



At the heart of Vanille de Madagascar, the purest Vanilla from Madagascar develops notes of chocolate, bourbon and caramel, producing an exhilarating, hypnotic sensation. Fragrant vanilla beans are, in their own way, diamonds in the rough. Bergamot, Matcha tea and Orange Blossom petals sparkle in splendid radiance and transform the composition into an absolute gem.


A joyful and vibrant creation made from the finest seeds available. A vividly refreshing combination of Mandarin, Neroli Bigarade and Orange Blossom Absolute positively explodes with vitality, and is as fascinating as the most exquisite piece of jewelry.


Magnolia and Vetiver from Haiti are laced together with vibrant wood, graceful flowers and the surprising spice and color of Pink Pepper, revealing nature’s rich abundance in the most enticing way.


Vetiver from Haiti with Green Tea celebrates the beautiful quality of Haitian vetiver and the way it has so positively impacted the livelihood of local farmers. Its absolute, colorfully faceted purity mingles with the fresh vibrancy of Green Tea Nature Print. Emotions arise in perfect harmony with

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