Baselworld 2019 Preview: L.U.C XPS Twist QF & Happy Sport Oval

Baselworld 2019 Preview: L.U.C XPS Twist QF & Happy Sport Oval

Baselworld 2019 Preview:


L.U.C XPS Twist QF & Happy Sport Oval



Happy Sport Oval

Chopard revives the first bracelet of its iconic watch


For the timeless and playful Happy Sport watch, perpetual self-reinvention is an expression of supreme elegance. With inimitable panache, it provides a fascinating material embodiment of successive eras, treating them as playgrounds for its ever-creative spirit. The feather-light, perfectly adjusted proportions of its impeccable and distinctive oval shape are now rendered even more feminine by pairing them with the original “galet” bracelet[1] adorning the very first watch in this iconic collection, back in 1993. It once again testifies to the in-house skills cultivated by Chopard and expressed in this talisman watch whose slender elegance echoes the gentle easy-going charm embedded at the heart of Happy Sport. Beating steadily inside, like a secret form of luxury, is a self-winding movement developed and crafted by the Maison.


The first Happy Sport bracelet

Joyfully blending genres, steel and diamonds, the eternal and the ephemeral, the very spirit of Happy Sport brings together a vast range of possibilities within an iconic watch. Its new bracelet is the quintessence of this kind of paradox, expressed here in a bracelet made of metal and yet as flexible as knitted mesh. Available in 18-carat rose gold or stainless steel, this exceptional bracelet follows the curves of the wrist, the better to accentuate its slenderness. It pays tribute to the original Happy Sport’s first bracelet, which, in 1993, reinvented the very notions of style, allure and elegance with a watch that was at once sophisticated and sporty. Finely interwoven pebbled links lend the Happy Sport Oval an elegance tinged with vintage charm: a watch in the form of a simple yet precious talisman jewel. The smooth succession of highly polished rounded pebbles composing this bracelet ensure a uniquely supple feel that makes it wonderfully pleasant to wear.


The Happy Sport Oval watch comes in 18-carat rose gold or in stainless steel with a diamond-set bezel. Its bracelet is entirely crafted in-house by the artisans of the Manufacture Chopard. It testifies to the vertical integration of all the skills and crafts that contribute to the prestige of the Maison’s watch and jewellery divisions. A unique combination of talents that are complementary and also ensure the in-house mastery of each stage involved in fashioning exceptional models – as indeed are all creations emerging from the Chopard workshops.


Exalting the oval

To mark the 25th anniversary of Happy Sport, Chopard has interpreted its watch icon in an oval with reinvented proportions. Drawing on the elegance of lines traced by dainty downstrokes and upstrokes, Happy Sport Oval enhances the stylistic repertoire of Chopard’s icon by integrating it within a vast trend that, from fashion to watchmaking, now pays homage to timeless femininity through lighter and more closely fitting proportions. The bezel with its calligraphy-like curve lends a sense of distinction and finesse to the watch as well as to the wrist it adorns. Each line of the Happy Sport Oval is an invitation to light-heartedness, with its soft curves epitomising a truly easy-going approach to life that embodies the sparkling optimism of a resolutely Happy Sport spirit. The oval, symbolically a place of refuge as well as of individual blossoming, is the landscape of all possibilities, where transformations take shape. On the dial of the Happy Sport Oval, every second bears the promise of future happiness. Chopard’s watchmaking expertise has enabled it to equip the Happy Sport Oval with a mechanical self-winding movement, the 09.01-C, developed and produced within its own Manufacture. Technical sophistication, intriguing allure, supreme femininity: this is about having it all and refusing to renounce anything.


Technical Details

Happy Sport Oval




18-carat rose gold or stainless steel

Total diameter                                                                       31.31 x 29 mm

Thickness                                                                                10.77 mm

Water resistance                                                                  30 metres

Facetted crown in 18-carat rose gold or stainless steel

set with a blue sapphire                                                      5.00 mm

Facetted cabochons in 18-carat rose gold or stainless steel

Bezel in polished 18-carat rose gold or diamond-set stainless steel

Glareproofed sapphire crystal

Exhibition back with screws, bearing Happy Sport logo and a glareproofed sapphire crystal pane




Mechanical self-winding movement                              Chopard 09.01-C

Number of components                                                             147

Total diameter                                                                             20.40 mm

Thickness                                                                                     3.65 mm

Number of jewels                                                                        27

Frequency                                                                                  25,200 A/h (3.5 Hz)

Power reserve                                                                            approx. 42 hours


Dial and hands:

Silver-toned dial

Navy blue transfers

Seven dancing diamonds

Gilded or rhodium-plated Roman numerals or hour-markers

Gilded or rhodium-plated hours and minutes hands

Gilded or rhodium-plated sweep-seconds hand



Hours, minutes, seconds



Bracelet and clasp:

“Galet” bracelet (i.e. pebble bracelet) in 18-carat rose gold or stainless steel

Folding clasp in 18-carat rose gold or stainless steel


Ref. 275362-5004 – in 18-carat rose gold with polished bezel

Ref. 278602-3004 – in stainless steel with a diamond-set bezel



   L.U.C XPS Twist QF

An original angle on Haute Horlogerie


The chic aura exuded by contemporary gentlemen is based on respect for rules, as well as refined transgression of the latter. With its offset small seconds appearing at 7 o’clock, a signature feature of the Twist series within the L.U.C collection, the L.U.C XPS Twist QF in ethically certified “Fairmined” white gold – issued in a 250-piece limited edition – opts for controlled eccentricity and elegant asymmetry. A slim fit on the wrist, rich textures, high-quality production and an ethical dimension: nothing is lacking here, not even a touch of extravagance.


Haute Horlogerie conventions are based on symmetry and aesthetic order that elicit an instinctive visual response. L.U.C XPS Twist QF offers another take. Like a woven cashmere necktie that reveals its underside, this timepiece has fun with the offset positions of the crown and small seconds, while incorporating all the fundamental qualities of the L.U.C collection. By taking its place within most of Chopard’s cherished certification programmes, the L.U.C XPS Twist QF displays a wealth of elegant characteristics. Fleurier Quality Foundation, chronometer certification, a case in ethically certified “Fairmined” gold: this timepiece goes the extra mile beyond aesthetic prowess to embody the most accomplished craftsmanship.


Visible L.U.C codes

Within the aesthetic vocabulary of the L.U.C collection, the textures adorning dial surfaces are invariably centred on the L.U.Chopard logo, positioned at noon. Here, the visual focal point shifts to the small seconds at 7 o’clock. The effect of literally drawing the gaze elsewhere is amplified by the circular satin-brushed motif radiating out from this subdial and across the entire blue-grey dial surface of the L.U.C XPS Twist QF. Another transgressive feature is the fact that this is the only model in the L.U.C collection without Arabic numerals at noon, since the figure 12 is replaced by a double facetted hour-marker.


The words Qualité Fleurier appear beneath the name L.U.C, the spot where the Chronometer inscription is generally placed. With this new 250-piece limited edition, Chopard is giving fresh impetus to the dynamic of the Fleurier Quality Foundation which it helped to create.



Chopard’s ethical commitment

Gold is a L.U.C signature here, since the L.U.C XPS Twist QF is crafted from a block of ethically certified “Fairmined” gold. It is responsibly sourced from artisanal mining cooperatives, where both the environment and miners are treated correctly, and to which Chopard pays a premium to be reinvested in community projects.


Chopard is currently the main global purchaser of “Fairmined” gold, which the Manufacture reserves for the production of its Grand Complication watch creations – such as the L.U.C XPS Twist QF timepiece – as well as some of its Haute Joaillerie models. Since July 2018, the Maison has been using 100% Ethical gold for the production of all its watches and jewellery.



Technical details

L.U.C XPS Twist QF

250-piece limited edition

in ethically certified “Fairmined” 18-carat white gold




18-carat white gold

Total diameter                                                                       40.00 mm

Thickness                                                                                 7.70 mm

Water resistance                                                                    30 metres

18-carat white gold crown                                                  5.00 mm

offset at 4 o’clock with L.U.C logo

Vertical satin-brushed flanks and inter-horn spaces

Polished bezel and case-back

Glareproofed sapphire crystal

Exhibition back



Mechanical self-winding                                                     L.U.C 96.26-L

Number of components                                                        172

Total diameter                                                                         27.40 mm

Thickness                                                                                  3.30 mm

Number of jewels                                                                      29

Frequency                                                                                 28,800 vph (4 Hz)

Power reserve                                                                           65 hours

Two barrels –Twin® technology

Winding via a 22-carat gold winding rotor

Bridges adorned with Côtes de Genève motif

Chronometer certified (COSC)

Fleurier Quality Foundation certified (FQF)


Dial and hands:

Dial with satin-brushed sunburst motif centred on the small seconds, blue-grey galvanic treatment

Rhodium-plated Dauphine fusée-type hours and minutes hands

Rhodium-plated Dauphine fusée-type small seconds hand


Functions and displays:

Central display of the hours and minutes

Offset small seconds at 6 o’clock

Semi-instantaneous aperture-type date display


Strap and buckle:

Hand-sewn matt blue-grey plant-dyed CITES-certified alligator leather strap, with cognac-coloured alligator leather lining

18-carat white gold pin buckle



Ref. 161945-1001- in 18-carat ethically certified “Fairmined” white gold

250-piece limited edition

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