This partnership arises from the idea of helping our customers buy a new watch and give a second life to the watches and jewels that they don’t use anymore.


Bonhill is the international leading company in buying pre-owned watches, fine jewels and diamonds. They master the art of jewelry appraisal around the world leaded by excellence, commitment, trust, expertise and innovation.


Their passion and extensive knowledge in jewels and timepieces enhanced the support of the top international jewelers as Felopateer Palace with one single mission: offer a unique and pleasant selling experience based on trust, through an innovative purchasing process where they always guarantee an exquisite and exclusive treatment and the highest price of the market. 


Company Strengths:


Personal advisory: as truly professionals we always advise our customers and we find the best option for every piece.


Security & confidentiality: every customer is treated according our security & confidentiality protocol.


International reputation: our team members are selected among the top rated GIA graduated.


Own distribution channel: our distribution channel is composed of 180 vintage jewelry stores and a large list of private collectors in the USA.


Highest valuation: as we have no intermediaries on the selling process we can guarantee the highest valuation of the market.


Immediate payment: as soon as the agreement is settled we immediately proceed with the payment.


For more information about this new service:

  • Call us or sen a Whatsapp text: +20 128 1405599
  • Visit us at Felopateer Palace – Four Seasons, First Mall

Bonhill’s website: