Grande Infinity

Grande Infinity

At first glance it is the FINE TIMEPIECE at the centre of the GRANDE INFINITY that catches the eye: “Alpha 01 – Pendulum World Time”. It is a horological masterpiece and a product of our own German manufactory, from initial concept through innovative engineering to perfect production. Limited editions for the versions with the World Time Tourbillon or Orbit Tourbillon make the GRANDE INFINITY a rare and unique collector’s piece.
The fascinating Swing&Hide mechanism on the flanks of the classic, self-assured design creates the impression that the collection of precious watches mounted on TIME MOVER® elements appears from nowhere. Another feature that is only visible after opening: the safe in the base of the GRANDE INFINITY. VdS-certified. Customizable configuration.
Exquisite materials such as Italian nappa leather, precious tropical woods and perfectly applied high-quality lacquers characterise the appearance of this masterpiece of German craftsmanship: a unique combination of design, innovation and perfection.


• TIME MOVER® for 20 watches
• 4 TIME MOVER® in the safe (optional 8 or 12 TIME MOVER®)
• Magic “Swing & Hide” mechanism
• Remote control for lighting and the magic “Swing & Hide” mechanism
• Macassar wood-aluminum housing with 10 layers of highgloss piano stardust lacquer
• Interior in fi nest Italian nappa leather
• BUBEN&ZORWEG Safe SI-70 with VDS-I (German Security Certification)
• Storage space for artefacts and valuables in the safe
• Safe door covered with handstitched Italian nappa leather
• State-of-the-art LED lighting technology with fading function
• Optionally available with BUBEN&ZORWEG Alarm System
• Optionally available with BUBEN&ZORWEG GPS Tracking
• Finest German craftsmanship

Fine Timepiece

• BUBEN&ZORWEG Pendulum Clock
• BUBEN&ZORWEG Manufacture movement Caliber “Alpha 01 – Pendulum World Time”
• Dead-beat Graham escapement with pallets made of hardened steel
• Seconds pendulum
• Main wheel with constant power and remontoire
• World time indication
• Weight drive (3,000 g) with a ball-bearing deflection roller
• 31 day power reserve
• Fine-polished, gold-plated wheels
• 6 high precision ball bearings and 6 rubies
• Polished pinions made of hardened steel
• Precision-milled and rhodanised plates made of hard brass with 5 columns
• Carbon fibre pendulum rod with extremely low heat expansion coefficient
• Pendulum bob with fine regulating system
• Rhodanised dial with sunray brush
• 500 hours BUBEN&ZORWEG “Excellence Control”

Technical Data
• 1940 x 620 x 360 mm (closed)
• 1940 x 720 x 360 mm (open)
• 250 kg
• Mains Operation