Regue Music

This year the renowned Swiss music box company REUGE celebrates its 150th anniversary.150 years of non-stop development of a very unique Art, the Art of automatons and mechanical music. In 1928 a Swiss inventor Arthur Gueydan came up with this unique idea of the Escalado game. Escalado is a horse racing game in which model race horse game pieces, originally made of lead, would make their way across a long fabric race track towards the finish line at the other end.The horses would move across the race track by means of a mechanical hand crank that vibrated the entire track in a random fashion such that it would simulate the events of a live race.Reuge has been inspired by this game and has created its own up-scaled version.Made of some 1’500 individual pieces this bespoke creation features 5 horses made in sterling silver which slide across the glass surface thanks to a Teflon-coating.Mechanical chains with magnets pull the horses towards the finish line.