The Green Carpet Collection goes Ocean Blue Chopard introduces a new responsibly sourced coloured gemstone: the Paraiba tourmaline

The Green Carpet Collection goes Ocean Blue Chopard introduces a new responsibly sourced coloured gemstone: the Paraiba tourmaline


After announcing at Baselworld 2018 its commitment to use 100% ethical gold for its watch and jewellery pieces as of July 2018, Chopard continues to drive the luxury jewellery industry forward as it launches its first responsibly sourced Paraiba tourmaline in its Green Carpet Collection.

As part of the Journey to Sustainable Luxury, the gem demonstrates Chopard’s ongoing commitment to the long and difficult process of bringing responsibly sourced materials to its collections.

All the stages of the supply chain, from the Mavuco mine in Mozambique to Chopard’s workshops in Geneva have been assessed against the GCC criteria by Eco-Age which cover environmental impacts as well as assessment of labour and human rights management in line with Chopard’s Code of Conduct.  The stone has been traced through each stage with supporting documentation back to the mine of origin.

Academy Award winning actress Julianne Moore joined Caroline Scheufele in designing the first creation of this capsule collection which was unveiled during the Cannes Film Festival 2018.


The Paraiba tourmaline joins the Green Carpet Collection

Chopard announced the next milestone in its Journey to Sustainable Luxury, as it unveiled a beautiful new addition to its Green Carpet Collection – an exquisite necklace, showcasing a beautiful and rare neon blue-green Paraiba tourmaline. This more than 34-carat gemstone was responsibly sourced from a mine in the Mavuco-Chalaua region of Mozambique, which was assessed against Eco-Age’s Green Carpet Challenge (GCC) Principles of Sustainable Excellence and the Chopard Supplier Code of Conduct covering governance, social welfare and environmental protection. This new announcement is the latest in Chopard’s raw materials programme which has seen the Maison constantly work to introduce responsible materials to its collections. To date Chopard has worked with Aurora Opals, Gemfields Emeralds and diamonds from RJC certified suppliers.


A new milestone in the Journey supported by Julianne Moore

Beautifully designed by Caroline Scheufele in collaboration with Julianne Moore, friend of Chopard and a long-term supporter of its Journey to Sustainable Luxury, the necklace represents the latest commitment of the Maison to tackle the difficult task of sourcing responsible materials for luxury jewellery.


The Oscar-winning actress worked closely with Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard, to collaborate on the design of the creation: an exquisite necklace, made from 18-carat white ethical gold certified “Fairmined”, set with diamonds from RJC certified suppliers, with a spectacular detachable pendant featuring the beautiful triangular-cut Paraiba tourmaline gem.


As she visited Chopard’s workshop in Geneva to see how the unique pieces were crafted, Julianne Moore commented: “I have been a supporter of Chopard for a very long time and am so proud of what they have achieved with their Journey to Sustainable Luxury. I was with them at Baselworld this year when they announced their commitment to 100% ethical gold, making them true leaders in the field. Knowing that the stones and the gold have been responsibly sourced makes the experience of wearing their jewelry an honor for me.  Caroline Scheufele is a pioneer- her passion and drive are what made this happen. She decided to do things differently and every year she achieves more. Her vision has made it possible for me to walk the red carpet wearing jewelry with a beautiful story behind it. “


Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard added: “This has been a landmark year for us so far. We are so proud of what we have achieved with our Journey to Sustainable Luxury – it has been challenging at times, but the results are so worth it.  Chopard is defined by true luxury and today this means knowing where the precious materials in our jewellery come from. I am particularly excited to have found responsibly sourced Paraiba tourmaline, as it is one my favorite stones. To me its blue-green shades evoke the paradisiacal oceans which are so important for us to preserve.


The necklace, first piece of this capsule collection, debuted on the famous red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival and was worn by Julianne Moore. The collection will be enhanced by other matching creations featuring responsibly-sourced Paraiba tourmalines.

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