The Felopateer Palace legacy spans several generations and continents and is a story of innovation, artistic excellence, entrepreneurship and dedication to the growth and integrity of the watches and jewelry industry. Felopateer Palace is a family owned company with a vast portfolio of Swiss Watch brands. Thanks to the strategy and vision of the founder Dr. Ehab Shenouda, Felopateer Palace has experienced a steady expansion since its initiation in the 1990’s. Initially,
Dr. Ehab Shenouda started by establishing a shopping mall in Upper Egypt in the early 1980’s that sold; furniture, textiles, cars, and accessories. However, in the late 1980’s, Dr. Ehab Shenouda moved the company over to Cairo where its operations continued steadily. In the early 1990’s Felopateer Palace started the import of goods from Europe and the Far East where the watches business started. The first retail shop was opened in 1997 at 54, Dr Ahmed Zaki, El Nozha el Gedida – where the current main office is located.After opening up the first retail store, Dr. Ehab Shenouda started to focus on high-end brands and in 1999 Felopateer Palace first met with the deep-rooted Swiss family and it signed its first agreements with Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. The first high-end retail store was established in Cairo in the year 2000 displaying: Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Cartier.



In everything we do and seek to achieve, excellence is our ultimate goal.
Felopateer Palace is dedicated to the pursuit of artistic excellence and technical



Our mission is to diversify our business portfolio and to continuously improve in
the pursuit of excellence.



Our vision is to become the region’s ultimate place:
-­ To find world-class watches and jewelry that aren’t currently in the market
-­ To continuously offer a service unmatched to our brands
­- To offer top-notch customer service
­- To create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience
­- To empower our employees and value each employee’s contribution



Felopateer Palace is one of Egypt’s leading companies in the high-end watches and Jewelry business. We strive to offer a shopping experience beyond compare in all criterions in which we operate.From a humble beginning of a single store in the 1990’s, today Felopateer Palace’s portfolio consists of over 40 prestigious brands in 8 existing points of sale across Egypt.At Felopateer Palace, we value all employees and believe that they each contribute in a way or another to the growth and success of the company, and this is visible with the strong and loyal workforce of 120 plus employees, some of whom have been with the organization since 1995.Dr. Ehab Shenouda maintained his focus by offering world-class Swiss watches to an array of clients, including royalty, politicians, and authority/public figures.He enhanced this through the exclusive franchise agreements with the world’s leading Swiss watch companies and he assured it by keeping Felopateer Palace a firmly controlled family business. The passion for luxury Swiss watches is deeply embedded in Felopateer Palace.